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The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established when Sir Winston Churchill died in 1965. Thousands of people, out of respect for the man and in gratitude for his inspired leadership, gave generously so that a living memorial to him could benefit future generations of British people. 

As Sir Winston's national memorial, we carry forward his legacy by funding British citizens from all backgrounds to travel overseas in pursuit of new and better ways of tackling a wide range of the current challenges facing the UK. Successful applicants are known as Churchill Fellows for life. No qualifications are required, just a project and the desire and motivation to improve their community, profession or field.

Becoming A Fellow Of The Trust


Early in 2016 I saw an article in the local newspaper Nuneaton News regarding a previous fellow of the WCMT (Winston Churchill Memorial Trust) being honoured by Her Majesty the Queen.

Upon some further research into the WCMT, I decided to apply, my aim being to promote engineering as a rewarding and desirable career choice for school, college and university leavers, changing perceptions towards engineering through education of what modern day engineering entails.

As a nation built on the successes of the industrial revolution our highly skilled and innovative engineers have built a legacy of being world class and second to none in quality, however, the skills within the market are diminishing as more skills are leaving the market place than new ones being generated.

In 2017 I will be travelling to Luxembourg, Germany, Japanand Chicago USA to view how these different countries are tackling the same issues, with key focus on;

·       To what development companies can offer or are encouraged by government their new apprentices/trainees,

·       Amount of time allocated to apprentices/trainees before deemed “skilled” and working independently,

·       The perception of engineering by school children when considering career options,

·       How the industry is portrayed by the media,

·       What impact automation had had on the skill levels within the industry,

·       What potential careers can lead to once a good skill set is acquired by an engineer.


Upon my return, all data will be collated and presented to the WCMT, the current business secretary Greg Clark and also distributed among industry specific media.